Scholarship support to the disadvantaged hill tribe children living in remote area of Chiangrai

The Home for Disadvantaged Children began in 1992 as a small home in Sriwichian village, housing just 30 students. Today there are over 200 hill tribe children from Akha, Hmong, Karen, Lisu, Yao, and Lahu tribes staying at the Camillian Social Center Chiangrai. The children attend grades one to six at the local school, Mae Khao Tom Tha Sut School, and the center staff, Sisters and Fathers work hard to ensure that the children are cared for physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The center received a lot of applicants each year. At present, the center can only accommodate a small number of new vulnerable hill tribe children based on a one out, one in process.

Many vulnerable hill tribe children are not be able to study at school as their families have no money to provide them all school supplies. Although these children can receive free education at the Public School (Government School) but they still have to find all relevant school supplies by their own which also includes lunch at school.

In order those vulnerable hill trive children will be able to access to education, we have to support them by providing basic school supplies such as school bag, school uniform, school shoes, school sock, ...etc and also lunch cost at school.

Location of the villages where disadvantaged children waiting for help in Chiang Rai Province Area