A Typical Weekday Schedule
6:00                -shower/breakfast
8:00                -Start of school day-National flag rising and morning prayers.
8:15-10:00      - classes
10:00               - snack/break time
10:30-11:30    - classes
11:30 - 1:00    - lunch-break time
1:00-3:00         - classes
3:00                 - snack time
3:15-4:30         - outside play time
4:30-5:30         - bath time/relax time
5:30                 -evening meal/free time
7:00-8:00         - homework time (senior students)
7:30                - bed time for young children
8:00                - bed time for older students
Accommodation is right on the grounds of the Home of Charity, meals for staff and volunteers are at 12 and 6. Thai meals are served

Breakfast meals are in the accommodation kitchen, where food is provided and volunteers can make their own breakfast and take their time getting up.

As a volunteer you will have to clean your own room, bathroom, bedding, towels, etc. Please note that a clean, spare set of bed sheets, pillowslip and towel are provided in your cupboard.

School starts at 8:00 and ends at 3:00.

The first few days, it is preferred that volunteers get to know the centre and children, and perhaps spend time learning basic Thai. Then a discussion will take place about where you would like you to concentrate your energies, and which children need extra help. Also, you can include additional areas of interest and activities that you would like to share with the children.
From time to time you may be asked to assist the older school children on Saturday mornings for special activities. Possible activities include dance, yoga, English, and computer classes.

Children that leave the Home of Charity to attend the local school miss valuable time with volunteers, it may be deemed useful to change a schedule for a volunteer so that the needs of the older children are met as well.  If you choose to volunteer your time on Saturday then an alternate day would be chosen for a day off.  We are flexible.

You will be slotted into the schedule depending on the activities of the day, aside from class preparation time, volunteers are asked to be actively present to the children from 8:00 to 3:00.