Home of Charity Volunteer Guidelines and Information
Our approximate school schedule is below and volunteers should plan their stay around school holidays.

October 31st- December 24th school in session

December 25th - January 3rd school holiday

January 4th - March 9th school in session
March 10th-May 17th school holiday
May 18th- Sept 30th  school in session
October 1st- October 31st school holiday

Volunteer days of work are decided on an individual basis.In general,therapists will be asked to work Monday to Friday,8am to 3.30pm,with weekends free.Other volunteers may be asked to work over the weekend and have free days during the week.

Extended time off for travel/sightseeing would have to be discussed with management; the paramount focus is to be loyal to your commitment to the Home of Charity during your stay with us.

Volunteers are required to wear respectable clothing at all times when on the Camillian Social Centre premises.Women should take care not to wear skimpy tops or short and revealing skirts and shorts.If teaching,men must wear long pants.

Practical Information:
Thailand is known as “the land of smiles.” Thais are exceptionally friendly and helpful people, and getting along with them is easy-simply smile and laugh a lot. Thais are amazingly tolerant people. Remember that the monarchy and Buddhism are highly regarded. When in a wat or in front of a Buddha image, one must be careful to behave in a respectful manner.
Greeting people is known as the wai and consists of palms together and lifted towards the chin. If you are unsure, observe and follow what others are doing around you. Thai people will be happy that you are trying to be respectful, and willing to learn their traditions and customs.
The head is considered the most sacred part of the body by Thais. Never touch an adults head, however, touching a child’s head is permitted. The feet are seen as the lowliest part of the body and to point your feet toward someone or rest them on a table is considered rude. When sitting on a floor, especially inside a temple, tuck your legs away and behind you. Try not to step over people around you; allow them time to move out of your way.
The national anthem is played twice a day, at 8am and 6 pm. If heard over a loud speaker it is polite to stop whatever you are doing and stand still.
Decorum should be observed when entering the grounds of any wat. Dress should be clean, respectable, and unrevealing, upper arms should be covered and skirts must be mid-calf in length. Shoes should be removed before entering any temple, some shop keepers will also ask you to please remove your footwear before entering their premises.
In reference to immunization, normally there are no immunization requirements from the Thailand Health Board, we suggest for you to consult a medical professional or health unit in your country. Please remember that it is advisable to acquire travel and medical insurance
Centre information:
1. All equipment and supplies are for the intended use of the children at this Centre,  not for staff/volunteer’s personal use.
2. Do not force onto a child any behavior that would naturally put anyone into an uncomfortable situation.
3. Do not take a child off the Home of Charity grounds without informing staff/management. We require knowing where every child is at all times.
4. Please do not allow a child to sit on your lap; however, a child can certainly sit beside you. Special needs children are often disrespected and physically abused; we ask that you refrain from intimate styles of interaction. Special needs children require to learn proper interaction skills with others.
5. Play fighting or any style of aggression toward each other is not permitted. In the past we have had problems with aggressive behavior, we constantly promote respect for others, and any negative behavior is stopped immediately.
6. Please remember that Home of Charity is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
7. Cell phones are not to be used at anytime during your volunteer allotted time, never is a child able to use a phone for music, games, photographs, etc.
8. Children are not allowed to enter into each other’s dorm rooms; a child is not allowed to enter into a volunteer’s guest room for any reason. The kitchen is off limits to children because of safety hazards.
 9. The Home of Charity is a Catholic faith based centre, therefore, all volunteers are expected to be a good example to the children at all times. Volunteers are expected to be respectful of Catholic religious customs, traditions, and observances.
 10. To eliminate accidents for children and volunteers…please do not transfer any children, this is the responsibility of Home of Charity care providers.
 11. If at any point during a volunteers stay at the Home of Charity, they do not abide by the set rules and guidelines they will have their volunteer position regretfully terminated.
In conclusion we pray that your time with us will be a positive experience. Please communicate any needs that you may have, such as days off or any other questions or concerns with management at Home of Charity.