Donation Opportunities for Home Of Charity
The Home of Charity is a learning centre dedicated to improving the lives of indigenous special needs children in Northern Thailand.
The Home of Charity requires ongoing financial support. Home of Charity will offer the following areas that you may feel are worthy of your financial assistance:
Presently three of our children require paper undergarments. One child is having difficulty from the effects of a neurological brain infection; another child has severe CP and is unable to use conventional toileting. The third child has CP and is receiving behavior modification to eliminate accidents. Financial assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Physical difficulties limit our children’s ability to seek future employment where they would be employed as laborers. We are steering our children to become acquainted with computers so that perhaps they would be able to enter into a computer technical school and hopefully be able to seek employment in that field.

Three of our children are not able to use a conventional computer because they are non verbal and lack the dexterity to use their hands/arms, having a computer adaptation device available so that these children would be able to express themselves would open up their world. It is often expressed that, “If we only could only communicate and know what they are thinking.”  Financial assistance would allow us to purchase computer pieces so that non-verbal children could communicate, this would improve the quality of life for these children.
Sensory stimulation:
We are creating a library style area equipped with storage cubes that has “peg in holes” style of cognitive stimulation learning, in this area children have the opportunity to choose a “learning aid” that they could like to work with. We are in the process of collecting sturdy educational pieces that would stimulate a child’s mind under the disguise of play. We would appreciate assistance in stalking our sensory stimulation area.
We are also in the process creating a humble library, acquiring books that would educate our children to the wonderful world beyond our centre. Sturdy board books are useful because our children have difficulty turning conventional pages; they are allowed to use board books unaided. Other conventional books are used under supervision. During a library session our care providers have first-story time, then children are able to read “look” at books on their own.
Opening up the world of knowledge by offering books about science, social studies, places in the world, art, etc. We try to purchase new discounted and used books in Thai and English languages. Audio books are very useful to children who are not able to hold a book on their own.
Financial assistance would be helpful so that we can continue to stalk our library. We would also be open to accepting any new or gently used books, however, shipping can be very expensive.
Musical Instruments:
Music has shown to be a precursor to speech development; almost all of our children have difficulty speaking.
Music is a wonderful way for children to learn syllable breakdown, by tapping out a beat, and word at the same time.
We do have a few pieces, but it would be useful too offer our children more choices, purchasing pieces that our children can hold onto and use easily. If you feel inclined to assist us in purchasing musical instruments that would be wonderful.
Presently, there is one piece in mind to assist with the mobility of a young man, his name is Tan. Tan has severe spastic CP. He is not able to use his arms well, therefore his mobility is limited, there is a device available that we would like to purchase. It is a ratchet style aid that fits onto the wheel frame of a wheelchair, it has handles so that a patient can use the handles and propel themselves about, much like rowing. We feel that this would give this young man freedom. If you are able to assist us in purchasing this item, on behalf of Tan…thank you.
Dental Care:
All of our children arrive showing the effects of malnutrition, resulting in poor oral health and require dental care. Presently, young children are taken to a dentist if they have discomfort. For children with permanent teeth, we would like them to receive dental checkups once a year, but so far we have not been able to such appointments.
General Fund:
Home of Charity is in constant need of financial support to meet the costs of running a care centre. Persons could make a onetime donation to our General Funds or choose to become a financial supporter of a child…under our Foster Program.
 Foster Program
To support a special needs child for:
One year-   $300 US – per child
School fees for one year-  $80 US  - per student
When donating, please specify if you would like to sponsor anyone of the above areas, otherwise funds offered would be submitted into General Funds.
On behalf of the children-Thank you.
Bank Account Information:
Bank of Ayudhya Public Company Limited
Account name: Saint Camillus Foundation of Thailand
Account number:  303-1-09535-3
Ha Yaek Phokhun Mengrai Branch, Chiang Rai
Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited
Account name: Saint Camillus Foundaton of Thailand
Account number: 511-7-08258-5
Central Plaza Chiang Rai Branch
TMB Bank Public Company Limited
Account name: Saint Camillus Foundaton of Thailand
Account number: 634-2-07883-6
Central Plaza Chiang Rai Branch