Health care assistance to Laotians - Giving basic social care and health care support to the people of Laos

This project was supported from Vatican through Nuncio for Thailand. The Camillian Order was assigned to coordinate in this project by Brother Giovanni Della Rizza, the director of Camillian Social Center Chiang Rai. The projects consisted of healthcare center construction, school construction, place for helping leprosy patients and supplying medical equipment, …. etc. All previously mentioned projects have been done at Luangprabang (LPQ), former capital of Laos and now is an UNESCO World Heritage city.


The project detail:

7.1 Healthcare clinic construction project

7.2  Buying medical materials and equipments project

7.3 Drinkable (clean) water project

7.4  3 high schools construction project

7.5 Helping Leprosy patients project

There are few leprosy patients in Laos as there is no new infected patient and only physical marked at the leprosy body can be seen so the assistances are visiting, encouraging and supporting important items in their daily life.



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