Jintana was born May 17th 2001. Arriving at the Home of Charity Aug 15th 2009. Jintana is a delight, she is always ready for fun. Jintana has some trouble with hand co-ordinaton; her upper body if fairly strong. Her legs are not ready to carry her weight however. Jintana can stand and can take steps if she uses a walker. Jintana has made great progress to date, our goal for her is to continue to strengthen her core balance with the hope that she will be able to walk on her own one day.



Losai was born on Oct. 27th 2002; he came to the Home of Charity on 16 August 2009. Losai is a very affectionate, sensitive boy. He is bright and learns easily, and especially enjoys singing and playing insturments. Losai is unable to walk because his legs are very stiff, he has made great improvement since his arrival to the centre. Losai has improved in his ability to stand with flat feet, he is learning how to step in sequence. Losai is now able to walk at the parallel bars while wearing foot/ankle braces. Losai also uses a wheelchair.

Losai has a bright future, he has a wonderful personality.




Krivit was born on May 11th 2001. He was a permanent boarder at the Camillian Social Centre Chiang Rai. Krivit was a very normal boy, loved to play and have fun, he did not excel in school-average grades.

Krivit became ill and was hospitalized for four months in Chiang Rai Government hospital, over time it was discovered that Krivit has encephalitis. Krivit has had massive brain damage, his brain is trying to recover from the assault of the inflection, recovery will take time, he most likely will not recover fully-his condition may be permanent.

Krivit is slowly learning to do everything all over again, walking, talking, eating, etc.

Krivit is now attending a Neurological Hospital for short term rehabilitation sessions; we are hopeful that Krivit will be able to heal from his encephalitis complications.




 Maria is a very small child.  She is a bright little girl with a good sense of humor.  Maria’s communication skills are poor and she does not use words for requests.

The goal for Maria is communication we will have to work hard to get her to use words for her requests. She will require a lot of encouragement and intensive physical therapy so that she will be able to walk on her own.



Asong was born June 5th 2002 and was admitted to the center on April 26th 2011. Asong comes from a large family, with four sisters and two brothers.

Asong is a lovely boy, he appears to be quit shy and prefers to play by himself.

Since Asong is not able to speak, he is able to make faint sounds, his physical therapy will include vocalization; special attention will be required to prompt Asong to use international signing for his communication.

Asong has only started to walk on his own for four months before coming to the Home of Charity. He walks with a shuffle gate, he is guided to bend his knees when executing steps. Sturdy shoes and orthotics are a must for Asong. We have provided a walker to assist his ambulation; he is getting around much easier now.


Ano arrived at the Home of Charity on February 6, 2011. Ano is from a family of five children and is the second eldest child. Ano was born on May 15th 1999.

At three months of age Ano developed a severe infant fever, resulting in convulsions. The seizures have left him with neurological problems. He is a pleasant bright boy, and is able to speak quite well in spite of his physical difficulties. He is able to feed himself simple foods and snacks.

We are hoping to be able improve his leg use, he now has a wheelchair, and is enjoying his freedom.



Mibia is from Burma. She arrived on May 7th, 2012 bought by her father and grandfather. It is estimated that she is five years old. Her assigned date was January 1st 2007.

Mibia’s mother died three years ago, this child is the eldest of three children.

She appears to be very under nourished-only 10 Kilo, and has a very small and frail for her age.

Mibia did not crawl as a toddler and has only started to crawl at the age of four. She is able to hold herself up to a standing position but is not able to walk on her own.




Duabee has proven to be a challenge at the centre. Daubee upon arrival was at a normal weight and height for his age, he was born in December 12th 2002. He is afflicted on his right side, affecting his left side; he has a non functioning hand.

Daubee does have social interaction problems.  Our goal for Daubee is to concentrate on behavior modification in order to build him up and replace negative reactions into positive ones. Since his arrival Daubee has shown signs of improvement.


Piya was born Oct. 23rd 2000. He came to the Home of Charity on Aug. 15th 2009.  Piya is a delightful, fearless boy.  He has severe CP, he is fortunate enough to have the use of his legs to a degree, although his hands and arms do not co-operate as well. Piya is very bright and communicative. His exercise therapy plan is to improve his core balance and help him find his centre balance point.  Piya is a very bright boy and we need to supply him with every opportunity possible, he enjoys using a computer.

Piya is a lovely, sensitive young boy, and a delight to work with.




Tan came to Home of Charity on the 7th of Sept 2009. Tan was born on Jan 17th 2000.

Tan has severe CP. He is very spastic with limbs that do not co-operate easily. Tan has shown great changes since his arrival, likes to play as the other children do, adapting his play to fit his ability; He is getting stronger in the sit position. Tan is able to use his hands to accomplish tasks- with help.

 Tan is basically a non-verbal child; we need to encourage Tan to use words. To develop an independent future Tan needs to learn to push himself in his chair, and not rely on others to move him about.

Tan is maturing into a fine young man. He is kind and thoughtful, always showing kindness to those around him.

Tan enjoys his physical therapy treatments; he is keen and tries his best to comply with the requests and movements. He often knows the routine and anticipates the next movement.

We will continue to supply Tan with and enriching environment so that he is able to meet his ultimate potential.


Jarunee arrived at the centre on Nov. 14th 2009. She was born on May 30th 2004.

Jarunee muscle structure is not stable and she has a very weak frame. Jarunee is also talking a little, she has adapted to using syllables when reciting the names of the other children. She is a delight and a real affectionate child, with a great sense of teasing and mischief.

We will continue to work with Jarunee, trying our best to improve her speech and her overall strength.



Anan was born on January 22nd 2000 arriving at the Home of Charity on August 17th 2009. Anan is lovely, polite boy. Ana has a strong upper body with a weak lower half. He shifts his hips to propel his straight legs forward. He loses his balance and falls easily and often. . Anan receives regular exercises; core balance is needed to strengthen his walking ability.

Anan has made a marked improvement in his social development; he is interacting with other children well and is very considerate and displays many acts of kindness. Anan is improving in his ability to speak Thai and English.



Surachai was born Oct 2nd 1998; to date his is our eldest male living at the Home of Charity, arrived on August 15th 2009.

Surachai had matured into a fine young man, showing a greater confidence in his abilities. The future for Surachai is unknown, he is learning basic computer applications, and something that he is really keen about, it is amazing how he has improved from initially not being able to click the mouse because of his slight limited hand motion to now following procedures and functions well. We are hoping that he would be able to learn computers well enough to be able obtain employment in that field.

Surachai now is able to attend a local Government School. Suracha is adjusting well, he is very good in mathematics, and finds reading and writing to be more of a challenge.




Sakda is eight year of age-born Sept. 19th 2002, he was admitted on October 11, 2010 and his admittance weight was 14 kilograms. He is alarmingly thin.

Sakda is a full care child, meaning that he requires someone to attend to his needs, toileting, feeding and positioning.

Upon arrival to our centre, his mother explained to us that her son has given up on living, that he is refusing to eat and that he wanted to die.

Within the first weeks at the centre we did find Sakda resistant to nourishment and that he was indeed very depressed, having to resort to force feeding him using a medical syringe to rehydrate his system. We made it very clear to him that dying was not his choice to make, and that God has a plan for him, He just needed to get eating ….

Little by little Sakda has improved, gaining weight ever so slowly.  Now, Sakda is a happy boy.  We have found him to have a very bright mind, and is interested and enthusiastic to learn. He still has a long way to go in his delayed development but we are confident that we are giving him the best that we have to offer.



Supaporn was admitted on the 2nd of May 2011. She was born on March 10th 1999.  Supaporn has a radiant smile, and is quite affectionate and helpful.

Supaporn attends school, but finds school very difficult. Dance and swimming will improve her stability and function; we hope that we are able to improve her mobility; she enjoys Sat. morning dance class.





Duanpen arrived at the Home of Charity on April 4th, 2010. She was born January 18th 2001.

Duanpen has settled into the centre well. She is a delightful young lady, shows affection easily. She is managing at school but she finds learning difficult, she is assisted with her homework from staff and management at the centre.

Duanpen has a spastic hand, her right side is also slightly compromised, she has an inward toe gate and a slight limp. Her hand movements are controlled partially by an arm splint that she has found to be helpful.

Duanpen enjoys Saturday morning dance sessions, and this is helpful to improve her balance and flow of movement.






Chalita arrived to The Home of Charity on May 22nd 2011. Chalita was born on Dec. 4th 2000. She is the second eldest of five children.

Chalita has severe social interaction problems, has limited vocabulary and talks very little, when she does speak she is difficult to understand.

Our goal for Chalita is to improve her communication skills, advance her academic level, and support her to become a well adjusted young lady.







Chonticha was admitted on Nov. 2nd, 2011. Chonticha is from a family of two elder sister and one younger brother. Chonticha was born on Dec. 26th, 2006.

Chonticha has had two surgeries to repair her deformed legs and hips and one wrist surgery. Chonticha is a lovely, frail little girl. Chonticha has a bright mind and enjoys learning, she can speak Thai very well. We will do our best to improve her abilities.






Justin arrived on November 1, 2011. He was born on June 2nd, 2002.

Justin does not speak. His treatments started right away, trying to get him to form words and make repetitive sounds. It appears as though he will adjust quickly, and he is comfortable with the other children. We hope that Justin will improve just by being around the other children and will stimulate his speech and awareness.

Justin is an enthusiastic young boy with a radiant smile.






Kotchakorn “Guitar” as born Feb. 11th 2008 and Kotchakorn was a premature child born at 7 months of gestation. Weight was 2.3 kg or 5.6 lbs.

Child was developing normally until the ninth month when parents noticed that the child was not able to sit up and keep her head straight, she did not roll over. All she wanted to do was sleep.

Kotchakorn is definitely shows weakness in her frame and neck regain. She is quite floppy and weak.






Anna comes from a loving family, an older sister Amur and a younger sister Ampon.

Anna was born on June 4th 2540 (1997). Anna was admitted to the Home of Charity in August 2009 and attends our day program.

Anna is very compromised with the effects of CP. She is not able to speak and requires help with all aspects of her life.

Anna appears to be very bright and does enjoy interaction with others, it is however difficult to communicate with her.

At the centre we do our best to include her in all of our programs.

Anna comes from a loving family; she is the middle child of three girls.






Melung arrived to our centre on the 25th of November 2011. She was born October 1st 2008.

Melung is the youngest child of five children, she has three brothers, and her eldest sister is 15 years old.

She is a bright happy girl, fitting into the routine and playing with the other children right away.

Melung is able to stand when she pulls herself up to things, she crawls rather well in a strange fashion, but she is able to get around anyway. Speech therapy is a must for her, she is unable to communicate.

We are hopeful that Melung will improve in her physical ability and communication skills.






Dew was admitted Oct. 30th 2009. He was born on July 8th 2007.

Dew is a normal child staying at our centre. He is from a father absent family. When Dew was  2 ฝ years of age his mother was killed in an auto accident.

Since Dew had no family to look after him, he came to stay at the Home of Charity.

Dew is a lovely young boy. He attends kindergarten at a local school.